The choice of wood in the luxury chalet for sale in france is very difficult because it is the essence of the house and it will make it last in time, in addition to having other benefits for the home such as acoustic and thermal insulation wood is also an aesthetic asset because there are different colors, with different grooves, that is why in general we favor the noble woods, but what is what does noble wood mean?


Noble wood

The noble woods are those woods that are distinguished by their uniformity, their hardness, their color and their precious veins. This allows the wood to receive a perfect size without splinters. On the contrary, common woods are generally soft and do not give good performance with sizing. They are also woods with a particular resistance to the great enemy of the cabinetmaker, the woodworm, but also the time that passes and deteriorates the wood.

The noble wood has always been used in the manufacture of luxury chalets. Some examples are walnut, mahogany, oak, cherry, alder and chestnut.

The main and only problem of these woods is their prohibitive price. These are pieces that put them at the height of jewelry. The furniture, floors, cottage moldings or other objects made with these woods reach exorbitant prices.


Wooden chalets

The seasoned reader will have already thought that oaks, ash trees, chestnuts, cherries or walnut trees are very common and may not understand why the high price of these woods is considered noble. The reason is none other than the one who wants the trees to be felled to be able to work with a quality wood are old trees, with trunks of large diameter, which represents a very long-term investment. Without a doubt, a noble wooden chalet made up of different rooms does not have the same value as some large panels.

The noble wooden chalets are often revalorized if they are well maintained, because the passage of time can make them jewels of carpentry if they are well protected and if one takes care of them in the contrary case they can become real ruins. Without a doubt, a noble wooden cottage is a sign of distinction that accompanies a family from generation to generation with the same appropriate.